The Invasion of the Tearling

So I am back reading Erika Johansen’s trilogy, having read the first of them quite some time ago. ButĀ The Invasion of the TearlingĀ did not disappoint (I’m working on the finale as I write this) and thank goodness there was a sale so i could read the next book.

So back to the book. Kelsea is Queen and fighting off the Red Queen for control. That and the eternal question of who her father is (please tell me we find out) lingers over our Queen while everyone wants a piece of her. This is the point where she needs to make ally’s and sort out the Tealing.

It is also where the back stories of some key characters come to play along with the origins of the Tearling. The back stories are key in this book to understanding why the major players are who they turned out to be. The Mace and the Red Queen, along with a few more are key and ones that surprised and all at once made sense to me as the reader. So if you have read the first one, read the rest, it is too good not to. Along the way there is a little spark in the air too.

The ending hooked me by that stage. I read it until I mentally could not because of the late hour but it was so worth it. I have big hopes for the author as I attempt the next book and I can’t wait to read what she does next.

Until next time,