Now is the Time

Melvyn Bragg’s Now is the Time, is really for the historical fiction lover in me, ,set in May 1381- so good if you like early English history because the books does refer to earlier Kings such as Alfred The Great and The Black Prince (little fact he found the diamond on the Royal Jewels).

So it begins with a preacher, John Ball, and former soldier, Walter Tyler, who want to keep the current (14 year-old) King but get rid of his advisers who they believer are corrupting him and the common people are suffering. So from there they march to London, looting and more people join, on the way to meet the King. The King, of course, has his mother Joan and his half-brother Tom in his corner and both are as cunning, I think, as the King’s advisers to be honest. It all comes together to form the conclusion about what all happened to the characters.

It did take me a while to read and I did get confused as there are two Joan’s and Walter Tyler is referred to Tyler or Walter. But it is an interesting take on 14th Century England and its politics. But overall, it would make an interesting mini-series and it does come together well.

Until next time,