Check Point

Check Point by Jean-Christophe Rufin centers around Maud, who has dropped her life to become an aid worker in worn-torn Bosnia during the Civil War (1993-95). It also centers on the people around her who all have something to gain or loose during the conflict- and mysterious pasts that led them there.

It is also work noting here that Rufin was a soldier in this conflict and was one of the founders of Doctors Without Borders and well worth reading the author’s notes in the back.

So back to Maud who has a seemingly innocent way about her. The mystery of her fellow aid workers begins to slowly unravel though about just what is in the cargo and who are these people she is travelling with. I don’t think I saw half the things happening as I read it and all I thought as it got to the climax was this needs to be picked as either a movie or a series because it has everything in it- mystery, action and adventure.

The ending literally is a ‘after all that, this…???!!?’ kind of ending when after all Maud and Co. go through, it flips again just like that. So, if you love a good twisty- turny novel then this is for you!

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