The Fate of the Tearling

The Fate of the Tearling is Erika Johansen’s epic conclusion to the series that has been a little while in the making for me.

I have to admit, it isn’t as good as the second book but still a great conclusion with everything coming together nicely in a 400+ page package.

It leads off immediately after Kelsea goes off with the Red Queen and poor Pen is left to mope a little before Mace enlists his help now that he is Regent and hatches his plan to save Kelsea. Of course with this book, there are multiple people telling the story with one being of the past.

Kelsea has decisions to make- all pretty major ones. There also some pretty big revelations intertwined with Kelsea’s now and her future. It reveals what exactly went wrong with Jonathan Tear’s vision that he had of a better life and what went wrong in the Red Queen’s life for her to be as she is now.  Slowly, Kelsea peels back the layers of the stories of her Kingdom to come to her conclusion of what must be done to save it. Also it answers some big questions of Kelsea’s own origin story (thankfully) and stories of her own parentage which were all that you hoped for.

All in all, a good story but lacks, for me, what drew me to the second one. But I can see the potential in it should it ever be adapted into a movie or series. But I loved the series overall and would recommend if you like the alt- reality genre.

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