I looked at Faithful by Alice Hoffman a few times at the library before I decided to take it home with me.

Faithful centers around Shelby Richmond, who was driving when an accident occured that left her friend, Helene, in a coma while she walked away with no injuries but with a mysterious person who sends a postcard.

So after two years of living in the basement not doing anything she moves to New York City with with Ben. It is during her times of stealing dogs and working and studying that Shelby really learns about life, love and friendship. She comes across breakups, new friends and dogs.

Over the next few years, her life takes some turns in different ways. It some ways it sucks but it all comes together in the end. She even gets to know her mystery sender is so mysterious at all.

I liked this book because it is an easy read and also very relatable as a young person finding their way in the world. The emotions are all very real and you find yourself cheering on Shelby as she navigates adulthood.

Until next time,



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