Lord of Shadows

Okay, while reading this I tweeted that I was ‘bowing down’ to Cassandra Clare and I stick by that. Clare knows how to write a good story and she knows how to write her characters-that is what Clare does best.

Lord of Shadows starts where we left off with Emma and Mark pretending to be dating to protect their bond because of Jem’s words regarding falling in love with your parabatai. That and Malcolm has died (well,you find out more about that).

So, what happens is something that comfirmed why I love these books. You have poor Kit sorting out the whole Herondale revelation and his attachment to Ty. That and the Annabel problem plus they are all dealing with the influx of Centaurions. So, there is also the Kieran/Mark problem.

So our group do some travelling too. There is (if you read The Infernal Devices) the London Institute with a fun appearance from Jessamin and then the-as Star Lord put it- unspoken thing between Diana and Gwyn, the leader of the Wild Hunt, in Alicante which is a win for diverse characters (trying not to spoil here). Plus Blackthorn Manor in Cornwall with a juicy Emma/Jules scene  in a cottage there.

So I loved this book and can’t wait for the next one because that conclusion was nuts! Side note, the Unseelie King should be played by Lee Pace.

Until next time,



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