The Man In The High Castle

This book and excuse my language- is a mindf**k, expertly done but a mindf**k all the same.

It is an alt-history where Japan and the Nazis won World War Two and what the Axis has essentially done to the world since and is set in 1963. It is set though in an alternate USA where the west coast is controlled by Japan and the east coat the Nazis. Funnily enough, Hitler is in an institution because of the clap.

There is a book that everyone is talking about who wrote about what would have happen if the Nazis had lost the world (again mindf**k). Everyone talks about it and the Nazis are trying to figure who in hell is this Man In The High Castle because they can’t possibly have people wondering if the Nazis had indeed lost. The other worry for all is the death of the current Chancellor and who would take over because the two candidates are all a bit nasty of one issue or another. So a lot of worry there.

Then there is the viewpoints, Frank Frink, the mysterious Mr Wegener, Juliana, Mr Tagomi, Mr Baynes, Robert Childan (who has a weird obsession with this guy’s wife) and others. All with their stories and some remember a time before. Some have their worries but they still have their eye on this book.

Overall, The Man In The High Castle, is an interesting look but a giant mindf**k and I have seen a few episodes of the Amazon Prime series and I slightly like it more- sorry Philip.

Until next time,



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