The Cartel

The Cartel by Don Winslow was an interesting read.

The Cartel is set among the Mexico-US Drug War over a ten year period from 2004-2014 from various points of view. View One is from the eyes of a DEA agent- Keller- who has a long history with this conflict. View Two is from the eyes of various drug lords- mostly from the view of two rivals- and about how they got there and how they intend to stay there with their deals with the devils. View Three is from the eyes of the women and how they are as cut-throat as their men. View Four is from the the eyes from the various journalists trying to put out the information but get block because who do you think owns the newspapers? Hint- not the owners. Which makes Wild Child an intrigue to all as the book- and some lives- come to an end.

It is threaded and written well, it has all that you can ask for in a book. Especially for the subject matter which needs to be handled the way Winslow has written this book. You have so many questions and ask why. You do, even if this is a work of fiction, get more of an idea about just what fuels this war. The way some characters are kids (!) but act beyond what a normal kid would think and how they got to the point they are at just breaks you somewhat.

It is a book that is kind of like a motorway- fast going at one point but then it gets a little slow. The stories that are told take you for an emotional ride though, some are great and some are horrifying. It just isn’t a book to take on lightly. The ending is out of nowhere and you are left to ponder what will happen next for those left behind.



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