The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride is pretty typical of Nicholas Sparks- girl meets boy, boy has some big secret and meanwhile there is another couple with their own story and it intertwines from there.

Well, I was in the mood for an easy read and this gave me my wish. Sophia is a college senior at Wake Forest (typical North Carolina setting) who meets Luke, a bull rider, and her life changes in an instant. Meanwhile Ira sits four months into the future in a ditch (he really should have driven that day) and is visited by his wife.

Sophia and Luke begin to see each all the time, with the threat of injury and his mothers’ ranch in the back of Luke’s mind. Sophia is also trying to get a job out of her art history major. Luke also holds back on just exactly what happened one day when he rode- he could die thanks to the wounds he sustained.

Ira and his wife, Ruth, meanwhile have flashbacks. Their love story is one that pulls at the heartstrings. Then the paintings- worth a fortune but collected over many years when they were up and coming artists- which connect these couples together.

Since I have read the book, I will be seeing that movie (it has Scott Eastwood, my current crush) this weekend. I liked this one and it didn’t not take me long so if you need a weekend read or a vacation read, this is a good bet.

Until next time,



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