So Thirst was a quiet delight.

Thirst is by Kerry Hudson and about two unlikely lovers- Alena and Dave. They both have their secrets that they never tell and a past which has weaved them somehow together on a hot London day.

Alena’s story is one of person gives trip that she could never do so takes it but there is a quid-pro-quo if you will, she is essentially sold to some old guy and his son who keep her in some mansion in London. She meets an unlikely ally, Fedir, and she gets out.

Dave’s story is that his mother was dying so him and her best friend end up together by tragedy which is how he comes to working security when Alena attempts to shoplift at a fancy store in London and ends up inviting her to stay when he sees her the next day.

Slowly but surely the story weaves their pasts and presents and they together take on the wide world and their secrets come to light. The book takes you from Siberia and Hackney and back again with emotions that you as the reader don’t quite understand. I wish it was only slightly longer so I knew for sure what happens to them but all in all, I’m looking forward to more from this author.

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