Writing and more writing…

I have been busy lately with my writing.

I have decided to merge two things- writing and sports- together. This has all been merge into a series of five books- so lots of work for little old me. They are all about being a student athlete in school and the juggling act of it all. Some of them are headed or have been to the Olympics- summer or winter- in various sports and so far that list includes ice hockey, track, gymnastics, swimming and I thought student journalism as the last book. All are over a college career, freshman to senior.

So that is the first thing I am working on.

Another thing I have started on is a legal/political drama. Set in Washington DC, it follows the darlings of Young Washington, Freddie and Elizabeth. Freddie is the Press Secretary and Eliza just graduated law school at Georgetown. It’s going to be whole big thing, I would like to have her be in environmental law just because I like that area of law. It is starting to take shape, my orginal story was Elizabeth was in Virginia but it was too much although I will still have Eleanor, their daughter be in it.

Which is another thing I have decided to not be afraid of- changing stories. I used to just scrap it but now I change it about 100 times. I still have stories that I am bursting to write but I will change it until I like it and they are a work in progress, as always. I would still love to do a dance themed book or even theater (I loveĀ Hamilton way too much but I ain’t sorry).

Or Lin-Manuel Miranda could let me write his biography????

Anyway, thanks for reading. I appreciate everyone of you readers out there!


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