We’ll Always Have Paris

Now this, I feel should be on your list if you are like me, in your twenties and figuring out life.

We’ll Always Have Paris is a memoir by Emma Beddington where she talks about her life starting where her obsession with everything French beginning at her Quaker boarding school and a copy of French Elle (and wondering why one would have these).

She goes to her exchange, her gap year where she meets Olivier and then on to Oxford where she initially struggles with her long distance relationship and study. Eventually she graduates and they make a decision- Olivier wants to do his MBA and her European Law.

Then years later her mother dies and they make the decision to move to Paris with two small children, Theo and Louis which should be a dream for Emma. But culture shock and the expectations and the reality are two different hings. I loved the part though when she ate cake around Paris- a flan preferably.

So it doesn’t work out and back they go to London for a while and Emma goes back to her old law firm and old friends. But another move takes them to Belgium, but again everything crumbles and she takes on another challenge- blogging and single- after a breakdown.

But never fear Olivier and Emma find their way back in a book that made me laugh and tear up slightly. Again, it is one I recommend if you are like me and having a slight millennial crisis.

Until next time,


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