The Girl On The Train

The Girl The Train admittedly got better with time and when I say time, I mean the last hundred pages.

The main character, Rachael, is a drunk. A drunk who people watches on her commute to London a couple she calls Jess and Jason when one day Jess goes missing.

Of course, the perfect life she thinks they have isn’t what it seems. Megan, or Jess, has quite the life. Between her marriage, her therapist, Rachel’s ex Tom and her past, Megan isn’t what Rachael thinks which leads to her side being told.

In amongst this, there is Rachael’s life. Between being fired three months prior and keeping up that act and the nagging blackout of the night Megan went missing-she has her hands full. That and her ex , Tom and his new wife Anna are a constant reminder of her life that was.

It leads of course to quite an ending.

I may have to watch the movie after this. I know there are differences (like most adaptions), but I’d like to see how it has been adapted for the big screen starring Emily Blunt.

Have any of you, readers, watched or read the book? What did you think?

Until next time,



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