Moonshot by Alessandra Torre was a quick read but one I loved to read.

It is about Ty Rollins, who lives and breaths two things- the Yankees and baseball- thanks in part to her father who is a player himself.

So it is with great happiness that Chase Stern is traded to the Yankees, someone she hoped to become a Yankees. Ty is seventeen when she starts and they meet and eventually fall in love even if the owner would loved for Ty to marry his son Tobey to cement the Rollins-Grant legacy.

Fast forward four years and there have been some killings at the end of every season and the same type of girl, blonde hair blue eyes. SO it is with hope that when Chase comes back, the killings stop because the Yankees need a damn WIN!

It all comes together with extracts of a New York Times article and the twists and turns of the last four years of Ty’s life. If you like sports or even just baseball, this is a good read for you.

I really enjoyed this book and it even gave me a few ideas for my own writing, which I hope will include at some point a sports fictional book.

Baseball fans, this is for you.



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