A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Okay, so my last review of and Outlander book wasn’t that great-but- A Breath of Snow and Ashes has to be my second favorite book in the series behind Voyager.

So this begins with a mystery in 1774. There are killings in North Carolina and the revolution is beginning to stir thanks in part to the independence movement sweeping the nation which Claire, Bree and Roger all want Jaime to be on the right side of.

So this book really  has it all. A polygamous marriage (quite interesting) and political intrigue. I am (like many people) obsessed with Hamilton : An American Musical so there were a few chuckles for me when the odd bit reference  came into it. There is also the harshness of the times when what was simple in Claire’s time in terms of medicine, just isn’t in her times (no matter her experiments with penicillin).

I love the growth in the characters too. Young Ian is back, Lizzie is becoming a woman and Claire is trying to find someone to pass on the knowledge to. Jamie is struggling with loyalty to John Grey (one of my favorite characters) and the Crown and to the knowledge of Claire. That and an ominous newspaper article from the future hanging in the air…

I can’t express how much I loved this book, and after all it will be September until Outlander comes back and I have two more books until I am all caught up.

Love, love, love.



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