The Fiery Cross

I finally got through what felt like a long slug of The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon.

Granted, I read it throughout the Christmas/New Year period but I have to say, it isn’t one of my favorites of the series- that title still goes to Voyager. But I am filling #droughtlander by reading the Outlander series.

So we find ourselves back at Fraser’s Ridge, North Carolina in the 1770’s as American history is starting to ┬ábe shaped and they also know their time is starting to run out in terms of history because of a newspaper clipping that Claire found before going through the stones. Brianna, Jemmy and Roger know it as well and the reality of the time hits them, especially if they have another child.

Since the Governor knows that Jamie is a Catholic- he has some power over the Fraser clan. Claire also knows what happens to those who are loyal to the crown and to those loyal to the union.

This one has all about the regulators, Young Ian and most of, the challenge of living in the Backcountry of North Carolina. The struggles of Roger and Bree living in a different time, even with their own knowledge (Roger was a historian) on early American history.

NB: I have a small obsession with the musical Hamilton so it made me love the period even more.

I know, not much here but stay tuned for more.


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