The Ballroom

I have no idea why in the many visits to my local bookshop I thought I wouldn’t like this book. Because I loved it by the time I had to take it back to the library (good place to go). Let’s get to the review shall we?

The Ballroom by Anna Hope  centers around three character Ella, John and Charles. Ella and John are both patients at Sharston Asylum and Charles is Doctor Charles Fuller who you really hate by the end. Anyhow, they all intersect at the ballroom which is in the middle of the asylum with one side being the women and the other the men and plays host once a week to a dance with the orchestra the Dr. Fuller leads.

Along the way you see Ella and John really come into their own as characters as their backstories which are pretty harsh and heartbreaking come up as well as their reason why they are there. They also have friends who help them stay sane and who have their own stories to tell who both break your heart as well. Again, I couldn’t stop reading.

The dances increasingly come to be a meeting point, a point where little conversations are made and plans made and formed. The way the characters develop is just so well done.

The best is how the author makes it come together from the prologue to the epilogue. The way it is told is amazing that you feel you root for them and cry with them. The era of 1911 has so much and definitely read the notes after as they provide extra information necessary to understand. I can’t wait to see what the author does next and I con’t wait to read her first book, Wake. This needs to be a movie is all I’m saying.

Until next time and Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate,


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