Where She Went

Where She Went by Gayle Forman is the sequel to the successful (and a previous post) If I Stay.

This book is set three years after the accident that took Mia’s family and after she (spoiler alert) woke up after the coma. This is different because it is set through the eyes of Adam who has become this very successful rock star but still thinks of Mia and destroyed many relationships in these three years and one day, they meet.

Yes, they meet up after he goes to one of her concerts (she went and graduated early from Julliard- remember she plays cello) and how they both got to these points in their lives in revealed. One is that their relationship crumbled after she left and so did Adam’s life. He was still in Oregon, working with his dad until one night Mia’s friend Kim visits and BAM! he writes his album and his band, Shooting Star, becomes one of those overnight success stories that we read about.

So the two meet and have a night of it all, they go around Mia’s favorite New York spots and eventually end up back at her place that she sub-lets (and has a garden- in NEW YORK) and talk about life and love. It all comes together weirdly after his DISASTER of an interview to eventually finding their way back to the Adam and Mia we love.

A good read and one you can just take in in about one hit. It would be crappy if this wasn’t made into a movie with the same people (need Chloe Grace Moretz), really it would. If you need a good book on a cold day, this could be it.

Until next time where it will be The Ballroom by Anna Hope,


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