Our Kind of Traitor

Admittedly, Our Kind of Traitor by John Le Carre (see Night Manager), took a little longer to get into but when you do, it is totally crazy.

It centers around Perry and Gail, a couple taking a one-in-a-lifetime trip to Antigua where they meet Dima who is ‘number one money launderer’ who sends them on a quest to give a USB to British Secret Service in order for him and his family to get residency in the UK because they might all die if they don’t.

Unfortunately they both become attached to Dima in different ways- Gail to his kids and worries about what would happen to them and Perry to the whole situation when finally they both get interrogated and the whole situation unfolds. Eventually you find out more about Dima and how he became the ‘number one money launderer’ and how high up members of British society are involved. It goes beyond Antigua to London to Paris (loved the Roger Federer part) to its surprising end in Switzerland.

I did like this bit although in parts it was a little dry but overall if you like Le Carre or you like spy thrillers- the movie I believe is either out or on its way with Ewen McGregor as Perry- it is for you.


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