If I Stay

Okay so this is just like the movie starring Chloe Grace Moretz, emotion and told through the perspective of Mia who goes out for a drive on a snow day and is in a crash that kills her parents and later, brother, and she must now decide to go or to stay and go to Julliard and be with her boyfriend Adam.

It is by Gayle Forman and it is the first book before Where She Went. It is told with a series of flashbacks and memories as Mia wrestles with the decisions she must make. The biggest thing is her love for cello, she is among rock lovers and when she was eight picked it up in a music class. It takes her to high school where she practices alone and captures the eyes of Adam who is a year older and saves up to take her to a Yo-Yo Ma concert for a date.

There simply heart wrenching scenes as she watches her family come and see her and finally Adam and Kim who attempts but aren’t successful. Perhaps the most sad scene is her Grandfather who tells her she can go which is what she needed until Adam  comes and well, you can read or watch the movie for yourselves which I would say do both because I did it the other way around (I know, I shouldn’t)  but definitely if you can.

Overall, a rollercoaster of the best  kind, especially id you love music.


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