The Light Between Oceans

Okay, so like a good reader I thought I should read the book before I go and see Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vinkander steam it up in the movie set in 1920’s Australia where WWI is still very much in the hearts and minds of the people.

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. StedmanĀ is one book that I would definitely say to read and see. It is so powerful that I do hope the film can do justice with all the emotions that unravel and the rawness of the leads- Tom and Isabel- and the time.

I say that because Tom and Isabel live a quiet- and often lonely- life on an island in Australia called Janus. But theirĀ lives, as told by a series of flashbacks, is anything but. They have heartbreaks after Isabel miscarries and a stillbirth and with their grief of that loss, it propels them to make the decisions that they do when a baby washes up on shore with a dead man.

Years pass and they grow to love and care for the little girl until it all comes to a head when they go home, learn the story, learn the identity and what that choice has costed another woman and her family. Tom’s battle of his wife and the right thing.

I love this book and it reads so beautifully that you feel the emotions and make up your own mind about it. If you will excuse me though when I see it- I’ll be the person crying in the corner. Although I admit, they were close by when I read the book too.

Until next time,


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