A Court of Mist and Fury

Okay so A Court of Mist and Fury  by Sarah J. Maas has been out since May and I can finally say I have read it.

The book starts three months after Feyre saves Tamlin and Prythian, dies and comes back to life thanks to the Seven High Lords who give her bits of her power. Now, their relationship isn’t the same either because Tamlin really doesn’t understand this new Feyre that he really shouldn’t lock her up, that and the small bargin she made with Rhys- the High Lord of the Night Court- to spend one week every month with him. This and the wedding is coming up, but poor Feyre honestly.

So Rhys comes just before the marriage to hold her to the bargin she made with him. He doesn’t like Tamlin either and begins to teach her things, how to read and write and most important here, about powers- something Tamlin won’t do. So the two spend time together before a fateful day where Tamlin locks her in the mansion and leaves her. Rhys takes her back to the night court after feeling the darkness around her.

I personally love the Night Court scenes because this is where Feyre really develops as a character. She learns so much about herself and her powers. That and Rhys has some pretty cool friends to boot.That and Velaris, a secret place that Rhys has shielded from view for thousands of years. The relationships that begin to develop at his point is just gold, not to mention a certain cabin (why cabins?) scenes with Rhys and Feyre. The beauty of Maas’ writing is that you can see in your mind the places that they go, the streets that are walked or the fights that happen- note here that Zach McGowan would be perfect as Cassian here- or indeed some of the characters that could be played by what actor/actress.

The ending is pretty spectacular and no, I won’t spoil it for you. The book leads to the best revelations, crafted perfectly and ultimately to the conclusion. Five/Five here people and I can’t wait for the next book one bit.



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