August is here (and other things)

As the title implies, August is indeed here. Of course in the southern hemisphere it is winter and I am, as I write this, freezing my butt off.

Yesterday I got my hands on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and also A Court of Mist and Fury so I will finally have a review or two out over the next week of both of them. I am about 100 pages into the second book (loving it by the way) so not long by my expectations of when I could be finished.

I am also half way through a novel I am currently writing which is a relief.

I also realized a few things in the last few weeks- I say ‘I read in a book once’, or my favorite ‘I watched a vlog on Youtube’ a lot. I guess I hate because as I speak, I am that person who goes on Facebook or Instagram and see travel photos and think ‘wish that was me’.

I’ve said that way too much in my opinion and then people say ‘you’re still young’. Like, I know my age but it doesn’t make it less hard. I get it though, the people I see travelling have hustled and worked their butts off as well to get there  and it is the only way I will as well. The biggest thing I have learned though, is that having a goal in this instance is a good thing. I look at websites for a good deal a lot and I love imagining myself in the Highlands of Scotland (can you say Outlander), Europe or walking through the maze that is Manhattan. I look at costs and everything so I know how much I need before I can take that selfie at the observation deck at One World Trade Center or at some castle in England. It sucks but it will be worth it, let me tell you.


So there you have it, an update of sorts of things going on in my head. Look for new book reviews coming in the next few weeks!

Thank you for reading all my rambles and sharing my love of books.



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