Clockwork Princess

Book 3 is here and this is by far the best one of the series written by the one and only Cassandra Clare.

Unlike the other books, I was hooked from the first page since the other two set the groundwork for this wonderful conclusion. You’ve got engagements, new relationships, death even and even a new player in the series.

This one is really about Tessa and finding out just who she is and where she comes from. She comes into her own as a character and her powers as a shape-changer. I love the dynamic between her, Jem and Will and that never ending question of her heart (even id you’ve read the Mortal Instruments or Dark Artifices, then you know the end as well as I do).

The last chapters are well done and once again I will keep this short for you to read it as Clare’s writing is pretty amazing and I need book #2 in Dark Artifices. I loved these characters and it ties so well into the series overall which does beg the question of why did I not read it sooner and the artwork is amazing on the books themselves.

Would definitely recommend!


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