Clockwork Angel

After reading The Mortal Instruments and Lady Midnight from the great mind of Cassandra Clare, I thought it time (that and it was buy one, get one half price) to read the prequel to all this and follow Tessa, Jem and Will through London during the Victorian Period.

This is another masterpiece, even if this is book 1 of 3. If you have read the series, this ties to Jace and Clary in The Mortal Instruments and Lady Midnight. Will is Will Herondale and Jem is Brother Zachariah (later Jem Carstairs) and Tessa is Tessa Gray. But, this series explains a lot and the three of them are faced with a new set of obstacles-one being Tessa’s brother Nate.

Now Tessa can shape shift and is half demon. She ‘follows’ her brother to England where she is introduced to Shadowhunters and the Downworld. She believes that her brother is being captive by someone called The Magister but the reality of that is completely different. So Tessa becomes friends with Will and Jem to fight under the protection of the London Institute.

There is so many aspects to this book. There is the love triangle, the ‘whodunit?’ and the familiar- Magnus Bane and Camille make an appearance. It is typical of Clare’s brillant mind and I simply can’t wait to read the rest (The Dark Artifices included).

Total side note- the book covers are amazing.

Any good book suggestions? I’m stuck!


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