The Millennial Life Crisis

Yes I think there is such a thing as a Millennial Life Crisis (shout out to Monica Church who’s vlogs are by the same name and awesome!).

You can be in your twenties (or early twenties in my case) and go through a sense of doubt about your plans. You might have priorities in life- such as travel or medical school- and go through a doubt of ‘can you actually do it?’. Because the reality is on the news it is all doom and gloom sometimes. There is low home ownership and rent is high and you feel bad because you are living at home with mum and dad.

Yes, that problem. Rent is insane at the moment and you go through that feeling of being overwhelmed at the prospect of paying out a lot of money or being at home but with your parents and possibly judgmental people asking why are you at home.The reality might be that simply, the job might not be there or you could be at graduate school and housing is expensive or you have to start paying back that loan that cripples you. I think there is some type of stigma associated with being in your twenties at living at home but sometimes that might not be by choice- believe me.

Another one thing I have noticed is that when you reach a certain age, people start travelling or having babies. You start looking around yourself at the friends on Facebook that starts filling up with kids or travelling pictures and selfies with the landscapes and places you WANT TO VISIT. Remember that doubt I mentioned? Yeah, there it is again you start to question again. I think it is so normal to question your life because people change all the time- their jobs, clothes- but it can cripple you.

The different experiences that you go through as a young person compared to your friends is hard. You might be on chapter two of your life going through hard times financially or emotionally and then you go online and someone is in the Greek Islands or living it up in London on their OE. To put it bluntly it sucks. Because you would do anything to be there but you can’t right now, it might be years away and that sometimes is the way it is.

I’m not going to say much more. I think that if you do little things everyday towards what you want- whether it is getting that Passport or researching that apartment- you can get there but remember someone will be doing it and not to compare yourself to harshly. You are you and the fight makes it rewarding as hell.


Until next time,

Sam xxx

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