The Last Killiney

The Last Killiney by J. Jay Kamp is for the reader who loves history, time travel, drama and sometimes that comes together in a book.

Well, that is this one. I came across a few years back on my Kobo for free and I did and it sat there ever since then until a few weeks back where I devoured it pretty darn quickly. This is also book one in the series and I am not sure it is in actual paperback since I have as I said, on my Kobo.

This revolves around Ravenna, someone who I guess ‘sees’ things. She sells her island and goes to Ireland where she believes her ancestor or the person is is reincarnated from is. She meets the current Viscount Killiney and is swept back to the 18th Century with him as they swap places with the 18th Century versions.

And so there adventure begins as they navigate life there while trying not to change history too much. Also there is an adventure from England to Canada via the Pacific and many countries in their early years of nationhood. As they travel they learn the what really happened on the trip compared with what they knew in the present.

It is a good read if you like this kind of book. It did take a little while to get into but it was worth it.

Next up isĀ The Night Manager.


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