Writing Projects

Crazily enough, I sit at my computer on a Saturday night listening to Imagine Dragons and writing one of three projects I have on the go.

One I don’t have a name for yet. It’s about a man who lost the love of his life young and never recovered until a woman- a friend of his adopted sons’- begins to work at his law firm. he has known her for a while and she reminds him of the love of his life. I don’t quite know how to write it from chapter 1-say 20. I don’t. So I decided to do it in chapters and somehow worry about it later. Hopefully I will have a title as well.

Another is a booked I have called Call Me Home. This book I have put in a lot for and am writing it well since it gives me anxiety and haunts me. The theme of it is grief and sorrow and overcoming it.

Another project I am toying with.

Writing for me is a passion. My babies if you will, I want to be published and hopefully I will be one day. I love how when you write some way down the line it works and comes to together.Sometimes I have to tell myself it will. Keeps me busy that is for sure,.

Anyone else?


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