The Red Queen

Okay so The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory needs to be made into a mini series like that of The White Queen.

It follows Margaret Beauford, an ambitions woman during what is known as The Cousins’ War or The War of the Roses. This is between two very powerful houses in England (why it is perfect for those of you who love a good historical novel) the House of Lancaster (Reds/Margaret’s house) and the House of York (Whites-see The White Queen) and the many power shifts that takes place over about 30 years.

Margaret marries at about 12 (!!) to her first husband. This is short lived but it gives her a son-Henry- and a cause for her adult life. Her task is simple- she must put Henry (VII) on the throne because she believes God has spoken to her and it his His wish.

BUT not so simple. She then has to marry her second husband at sixteen (!!) who imagine being Sean Bean (think Game of Thrones-ish) who is Henry Stafford. They enjoy thirteen years of marriage before he dies and she marries Stanley, who is equally ambitions- think Warwick the kingmaker- and likes to be on both sides before playing his hand.

I ¬†think this book is written amazingly. I felt like I was there and it was such an easy read with its often short chapter. It is also a great study on English history and the major players. Recommend to anyone into history and if you haven’t watched¬†The White Queen, do. Even if I must catch up as well!

Got any book suggestions? Do tell.


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