Lady Midnight

Well this was a book I fangirled the heck out of!

This is the sequel to the Mortal Instruments series (also a new TV show called Shadowhunters) which weaves the prequel (Infernal Devices) and Mortal Instruments with a novella series Shadowhunter Academy (on ebook).

This is still Emma’s story though and I like how previous stories don’t overshadow it. It is about her adventures in Los Angeles with Julian and the rest of the Blackthorn family after the War in Heavenly Fire.

It follows her fight for answers over her parents’ death when a crop of killings spread throughout LA and a mysterious cult come up. She believes that to solve this would solve the murders of her parents. So along with with the Blackthorns and Julian’s brother Mark and visitor Cristina and her lost love Perfect Diego- they set out to solve it.

The 668-odd pages are worth it. You have bits about #Malec (who have two kids) and of course Clary and Jace and the news of Simon and Isabelle’s engagement (YAY). Then you have Jem/ Brother Zachariah (Aline and Helen’s wedding with Isabelle asking who the hot guy is) and Tessa.

The other twist is the curse. Emma and Julian are parabatai and they cannot fall in love. When two parabatai do, their magic gets stronger and then they will descend into madness slowly. So they must figure that out how to be with each other. That mystery will lead into the next few books which I needed yesterday!

All for now,


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