The One Plus One

So I have been on a Jojo Moyes binge. From Me Before You to After You to now, The One Plus One.

This has varying points of views, the main being Jess- a single mother of two. Her daughter Tanzie is a math genius and her quiet step son Nicky. Jess fights to keep a head over the two kids and to get Tanzie to a private school on a scholarship where Jess believes she will thrive.

On the other end is Ed. Ed is a successful business man with his bestie Ronan. Unfortunately, he meets up with a girl and he, believing he was helping her out, gets done for insider trading.

So like love stories go, Ed heads down to his beachfront house where Jess cleans and it begins. He finds them down on their luck trying desperately to get to a maths competition in Scotland and he offers to take them. So take him he does and along the way finds himself looking at Jess in a not-how-you-should-look-at-someone-who-cleans-for you way.

It is such an easy read with various heartbreaks and laughs along the way. Definitely recommend if you want an easy read on a rainy day.

Up Next will be LADY MIDNIGHT by Cassandra Clare!


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