After You

After You by Jojo Moyes is the sequel to best-selling and recently adapted to a movie, Me Before You.

It all takes place eighteen months (spoilers ahead) after Will’s death and deals with the often emotional part of grieving- moving on and letting go of that person. So Lou is back in London working at an airport bar and in her apartment.

Suddenly, her world changes. Lily, a sixteen year old, turns up at her door saying that Will his her father. She also meets Sam, a new guy who saves her life after an accident. Suddenly she has a teenager on her hands and faces change. She also attends a grief counselling circle to deal with what has happened and finally she may be able let go of Will and what happened.

It deals with Lou moving on in a big way. Whether to hold on to Will and that guilt of moving on with someone new. Whether she is holding back (as her sister Treena tells her she is).

I like how raw the book is about this subject and deals with it beautifully. You can laugh or cry with this book (case in point her mother). You can feel that rawness that goes with Lou’s grief. A must read if you have read the first one.

Shorter than normal, I know.


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