All about Draco (Update #4)

In truth, I have been WAY too distracted with Snape and Hermione fan fiction to be doing much about my essay.

I have the beginnings of my essay but my only issue has been how to structure it. I needs to flow and interwine for it to work. At the moment it is Snape then Draco and then Harry because Snape intertwines with their lives-especially Draco’s. But at the same time do I put Harry last? He is the main character after all, BUT he might lead nicely into Snape and Draco because of the way the books go. Tell me what you think- I need help here!!

I digress, Draco is my focus. It has been hard planning him because my time was spent looking at Snape’s character- Lily, his life etc.- and not enough on Draco. My point of these characters is that their relationships and circumstances are what make them live on the edge and captivating to watch. Maybe I haven’t looked at him critically before book #5 enough because I have drawn BLANK on this guy. Mostly I’ve gone into the lengths people go for him (Snape, his mother) and generally his character (not good, charismatic). I still think he is captivating in the way he steals the scene. But that is all I have.

I have been searching for more about Harry and the books and trusty YouTube videos of footage (love you Tom Felton) and all the rest of it.

Anyhow, hopefully I will have more for my next update and am searching for a place to actually publish it.


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