Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen is a movie I saw before the book (I know should be the other way around) with the awesome cast with Alan Rickman (Colonel Brandon), Emma Thompson (Elinor), Kate Winslet (Marianne) and Hugh Grant (Edward) and many more- an oldie but goodie so see it if you haven’t.

This is quintessential Austen. Set against the English countryside in Sussex and then Devonshire- the trials of love come to life with Elinor and Marianne.

They meet Edward in Sussex early on and then they leave and go to Devon leaving Elinor quite brokenhearted but new love comes for Marianne.

She has the affection of the quiet and reserved Colonel Brandon who doesn’t openly admit his feelings. He is an older man but Marianne grows found of Edward Willougby (Greg Wise). After several months they go to London where they find out more about him and ends with a broken heart for poor Marianne.

Elinor is not as lucky as she hears of the engagement between her beloved Edward and her friend Lucy. His mother dislikes the match of him and Lucy. When they return to Devon as Marianne falls sick, it is revealed Lucy married his brother, Robert. The two marry and eventually as does Marianne to Colonel Brandon.

I loved this book and I advise any fan of English literature to do so as well. And the movie (although I’m pretty sure there are other versions) with the amazing Rickman (may he rest in peace) doing a great job as the Colonel.

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