Essay Update #3

Hello readers!

It has been a slow week on this front as I have been reading way too much fan fiction which has given way to some very good ideas such as this quote which I think can really explain Snape/Lily even if it was describing Draco/Hermione in the book;

“She and I were doomed from the start. I was the dark and she was part of the light” (Romeo and Juliet).

I’ll link the story (which is quite good) at the end. But don’t you think it can work? I mean had they been something his Slytherin conterparts would have drawn him in any way and this was the cause of an arguments between them (in Snape’s memories). That and he went to Voldemort to save Harry.

Mostly I have been hunting for quotes that go between Harry and Snape about his father (got any, please tell me) or for that matter about Lily. Fan Fiction has been helpful for ideas in this respect. Still crafting the chapters though and making it fluid which is a problem since I haven’t focused hugely on Draco.

At this point, it may be about Snape and no one else.

Date a Slytherin:

Also sad but true Buzzfeed article:

Until next week,


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