Essay Update #2

I have paragraphs coming together people!

Yes, you heard that right-even Draco is slowly by surely coming together. This project occupies a lot of brain space now and coming along nicely.

The three characters, Draco, Harry and Snape are doing well. It took me a while to get into Draco’s one because trying to make him be ‘captivating’ and ‘living on the edge’ has been hard to put into words. While I am still a Dramione fan (yes, I know), reading fan fiction has given some sort of an idea. I have made it that the characters above were all captivating characters because of their stories and circumstances. Also in some ways, they were looking for acceptance from vastly different people.

I do have a question though about our beloved Severus Snape. I have barely scratched the surface on him as a character but I have talked little on Lily (always) and his relationship. I have made he was robbed of happiness but not necessarily in the way of being in a relationship. Of course Lily fell in love with a another- I ain’t going to argue there- but I want to say he would have been happy simply if she were alive. Alive and possibly as friends, nothing more. I wish there had been more about the time between they left Hogwarts and her dying ( as tempted as I am to write a fan fiction) because it would make my essay writing so much easier!

The rest is going well and as always, I will have an update next week.

Until then, thanks for baring with me.


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