Essay Update #1

Hello readers!

I have been in the last week looking at questions and also changing my mind about what to write so without further adieu here is the question;

“The most captivating characters in film are those who live on the edge”

To what extent do you agree wit this view?*

The three characters (I may do four) I chose are Snape, Draco and Harry.

The trouble I have found is discussing Draco. I wanted to use the three because they are important characters and by the end (I will reference to the other movies/books) they are different. Draco is of course the product of Voldemort’s two supporters and may not have much chance to do any good. I would say all characters were victims of their circumstances at some stage (Snape-Lily’s death and Harry-death of his parents etc.) but Draco is tricky to describe on my end as the writer. Could I really say that about Draco? Even to say he was captivating is weird- certainly he was a scene stealer in his hatred of Harry and co. I mean if I took Draco/Hermione fan fiction into account (Dramione) then maybe for in those he changed and actually loved her (if someone could tell me what happened between fourth and fifth year that would be great as they are referenced a lot). But I want to reference the series but did his character change? Readers, if you could chime in-feel free.

Snape I could, on the other hand, go on about for DAYS. His character is so damaged and haunted that I’ve come up with a lot, especially surrounding his memories that Harry sees both in Movies 5 and 8. I could talk about Lily and how is enduring love for her after her death led him to the death eaters and so on. His character is captivating.

Harry also has been a little difficult. He is captivating in the sense survival and how to survive was his life- a theme if you will. He was linked to Voldemort and got trapped between his reality and Voldemort. He lived on the edge and at times nearly died (apart from dying because he was a horcrux).

So there you have my first post. I mostly will do one every week. Please don’t hesitate to put an idea my way as I have trouble! Especially if you can think of another character to write about.

I’ve linked this story from George Washington University because I found it fascinating:

Until next week when I may be able to post an extract,



*Question from 2012 English BBA Practice Exam

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