Voyager and Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

These are books 3 and 4 in the Outlander series by the genius that is Diana Gabaldon and I would recommend and history buff to read it- even if it is a work of fiction set against historical events.

I am doing these together because I can’t talk about one without the other and they are my favorite books so far with my favorite characters.

Book 3 is is what happened in a 20-year period between Claire going back to her time of origin and her going back to Scotland. It is where she find out Jaime is indeed alive and what happened to him. Claire herself went back with Frank and moved to Boston where she became a doctor and a mother to Bree (Brianna).

Jaime went to Ardsmuir prison and met Lord John Grey who features throughout the rest of the novels and then thanks to Grey, goes to England. There he is a groom and meets Lady Geneva whom he has a son with (Willie but he doesn’t know) and from there he goes back to Scotland and eventually Edinburgh.

They reunite and go on another adventure to find Young Ian in Jamaica after he is taken there by Geillis Duncan (Abernathy-she married about 5 ties). From there book 4 takes us to America in 1767.

They settle and gain Fraser’s Ridge. Meanwhile, Claire’s daughter, Bree, and her (boyfriend) Roger Wakefield  begin to do some digging on what happened to Claire and Jaime. Bree of course has many questions and over a couple of years develops a relationship with Roger. Eventually finding the two, Bree finds she can go through the stones as well and she goes to Lallybroch, leaving a heartbroken Roger behind until he finds he can go through the stones having been a relative of Gellis when she had a child by Dougal Mackenzie (book 1).

I like these books because the growth in characters and my favorite being Fergus and the rest of the main characters. More is revealed about Lord Grey and Bree and Roger also grow. Jaime sees his daughter for the first time (end of book 2) and he settles into life at Fraser’s Ridge. Claire, having accepted that she will never see Bree again settles into life with Bree again.

All in all my favorite books and great if you love history like me.



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