New Project.

Hello readers!

It has been a little while and I hope to update this website at least once a week and next week hopefully I will be done with the current book so a review will be up soon. Thank you also for keeping with me.

For today I want to talk about a new project of sorts.

Lately I have been obsessing over Harry Potter ever since I was talking to someone and they mentioned Hermione/Snape fan fiction (still looking for a couple name so far it is Hervus) and then sadly, Alan Rickman died so since then Harry Potter has not strayed far in my thoughts.

Like most in high school, I did English and for film wrote an essay based on a question. That question always required analysis of a character, settting and much more. My last year it was Joe Wright’s Atonement (which is brilliant by the way) which I loved and you go in depth with those characters so I am hoping that Harry Potter will be good to be because this is going to be a huge undertaking but where would we be without the genius that is J K Rowling?

As haunted by Snape’s notion of “always” as I am, I have decided to see if I can write and essay on The Deathly Hallows Part 2 with a question and pick the movie apart. It will take as long as it takes because I think that Harry Potter is a work of art and when I am done, I want to publish it (possibly) if it gets finished. I will post updates if I don’t have a book to review and would love some input by you. When I have the question, I’ll write up about it and my progress.

Wish me luck!


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