Welcome to 2016!

I know, it comes around so quickly, I swear, as you get older and so I was out walking I thought about what to write. So my thoughts went to my other hobby, writing.

When you write depending on how over a time period you write it, you carve out a life for characters. You decide where they go for trips, school, whether they are popular, loved or hated. You carve out a future for them-getting married or having kids or not all, the character might love the single life. You then do a setting- an apartment in Manhattan perhaps or a house in Los Angeles. I am not a creative person to make up an entire realm or fictional world. I base a setting more on an existing city and go off that.

I also have about a billion ideas in my head to get out. Weirdly, sometimes I write the second half or random chapters because sometimes I know where I want it to go so I write it first. I began a new project, my second novel concurrently with another, about opposites. The characters are going to ripped apart by their fathers at some point.

So the two are in university (college) and all loved up to get ripped apart over two years. Then it picks up after another two years, do I write Part 2 first? Or do I continue on?

My other problems lie in the conflict. I try my hardest to capture the emotion when ripping apart my characters. I feel I come across to mellow and not at all what I want.

Anyway so that is my first post for 2016. Comment below if you want more about writing and an update on my writing.

Stay tuned!


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