Review #4

Book: The Jewel by Amy Ewing

Lets start with I can’t wait for November when the second book (I believe) comes out.

This book is about surrogacy and young women are ranked (in Violets case #197) and sold off to the elite families of the Jewel or in some cases the Bank. The main character, Violet, is sold off to one of the founding houses- House of the Lake by the Duchess and enters a world where she is pretty a pawn in the games of the Duchess.

As the book gets deeper, and I read this book in three days, you find nothing is as they seem at the House of the Lake.

The Duchess is different to her peers. But she is ambitions and not one to be crossed at any time in the book. Over time you do see different sides of the Duchess (who I can totally see Liz Hurley playing btw) and how her past shaped her now. Violet on the other hand is also has ambition and is cunning. She meets Ash, a companion, and Lucien and her plans slowly come together along with a shocker of an ending.

A great read and I can’t wait to read the next book!

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