Still Me

I have been eagerly awaiting Still Me by Jojo  Moyes since it was announced. Her writing is so filled with emotion and was also, for me, bought the idea of writing about grief to mind since I hadn’t come across it.

Back to the book. Our buzzy bee tight wearing heroine, Lou Clark, is back and in a new city- New York City- to be exact. Reunited with Nathan and assisting a very wealthy woman. But she is without Sam, her new love. But never fear, Lou is exactly as we left her, crazy outfits and all. But she knows something is up with her new boss and she is bound by secrecy which threatens to boil over at times. Then she meets Josh (or rather, keeps meeting Josh). He is a carbon copy of Will (I suspect he has an American cousin), and changes her life. Lou also has Will’s letters from his time in NYC, and it all turns Lou’s life upside down.

Fans of Me Before You and After You will rejoice to know that the Stortford crowd do make appearances throughout. I also think they will enjoy this one too as Lou continues onwards through life and in a new city no less. You will laugh and you will cry, don’t worry. Love, love, love it!

Until next time,