Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan needed to be made into a movie, and thankfully it is one coming out in 2018. The book set among the top 1% of Singapore’s elite families all trying to make the right connections and the right marriages.

With this in mind, Nick, decides to take his girlfriend of two years, Rachel (both are professors at NYU), to attend his best friend’s wedding (slated to be Asia’s wedding of the year) after a few years being away from Singapore. This is where my new desire to go to Singapore is from because food is talked about (in detail)even a few fights on the subject come up. But most importantly, Nick failed in teaching Rachel about his very rich family (the beginning gives the indication on just how rich they are) which would freak anybody out- even her Singaporean best friend who doesn’t quite know everything about the Young family- which leads to a few fights and a few background checks to find out who Nicky bought home.

This ensues one heck of a journey for the characters- the parties are big, the wedding bigger and the meltdowns are even big. The scheming characters even have a space for it and it is one heck of a book. Undoubtedly an amazing commentary on the what goes on behind the scenes- the right marriages- take center stage here with interesting results. If you need an easy read (with moments of laughter) this summer or winter (wherever you are ready this from) then this is for you.

Definitely would recommend.

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