Bookish Travel: New York City, NY, USA

So welcome to my new series, Bookish Travel, where thanks to the internet, I will talk about cities, bookstores and what is on and all to do with books. Today I am starting with New York City the home of many bookish things.

Strand Books:

Where: 828 Broadway


According to Vogue’s Guide to New York City’s Best Bookstores, Strand is a classic New York destination since it’s inception in 1927 when it was on Fourth Street. Today it is near Union Square and carries 2.5 million new, used and rare books. You’ll also find tote bags, Moleskine journals and even gift cards.

Argosy Bookstore

Where: 116 East 59th Street


Another one of Vogue‘s suggestions and one of my favourite simply because of the architecture and inside makes me thinks of a grand library, Argosy was founded in 1925 and in it’s third generation of family ownership. This is a store that sells the hard to find and end-of-print books and the first editions as well as maps and art. The prices may set you back but I know I must look around when I go (finally) to New York

Barnes and Noble

Where: 555 Fifth Avenue


So when I go on Instagram, this huge Fifth Avenue B&N normally shows up and why not? I dream basically going to huge bookstores (if I need to wait at a mall, you’ll find me at a bookstore). There are book events, signings and probably more books than I can dream of.

The Drama Store

Where: 250 W 40th Street


So this is for the theater kids out there. This store has been in NYC since 1917 and does  plays, music sheets and readings as well as signings. There is even a basement theater that was rehearsed in by In The Heights cast (Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first hit), which did pretty well and I listen to on my playlist on Spotify.

And there is more….

Other than these bookstores (and believe me there are lots more- this is a sample) there are also some pretty cool events happening in New York City according to Book Expo America (BEA) is one I see on Instagram because of BookTube but one that I really want to go to and is a place where publishers, authors and readers converge May 30- June 1, 2018. Another one is BookCon  which takes place June 2-3 2018 and where ‘storytelling and pop culture collide’ according to its website and where authors go and lots of Q&A’s, prizes and quizzes and more happening. Brooklyn Book Fair is happening right now as it happens until Sep. 17th and is New York’s largest free literary event with lots of authors and book lovers converging of all ages. Queens Book Fair  is a new festival since 2016 but has great author panels and offers a wide variety of genre events like immigration and LGBTQ+. Bronx Book Fair will be taking place in May and was launched in 2013. There is a commitment to the growing community of authors and poets  in The Bronx and is for all ages to go check out.

Hope you guys enjoyed this and I hope is is the first of many for this series, the next one will be in Washington DC and feel free to comment your favourites and click the links to find out more about the events and articles I mentioned!

Until next time,

Sam xx